The Frisbee Catching Simulation

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This is a demonstration of a control system model of an outfielder catching Frisbees. This is the same control model that caught baseballs. In this case the model is catching Frisbess, which move in an irregular path. The simulation is based on research reported in Shaffer, D. M., Krauchunas, S. M., Eddy, M., & McBeath, M. K. (2004). How dogs navigate to catch Frisbees. Psychological Science, 15, 437-441.

The interesting result here is that the model that produced optical trajectories that matched those produced by fielders catching baseballs also produced the optical trajectories like those produced by dogs catching frisbees in the the Shaffer et al (2004) study. YOu can see this by comparing the "retinal view" plots of the optical trajetories produced the control model with those produced by the dogs catching Frisbees (below):

Last Modified:May 2, 2014
Richard S. Marken