Imitation Game

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This is a prototype of a game where the object is to find whch agent (in this case, squares of different sizes) is moving intentionally. There are ten agents moving around the screen. One agents is a control system that is controlling for moving in an arbitrary pattern. The other nine agents are S-R devices that a moving in response to stimuli that cause each agent to move in a different arbitrary pattern. The movements of all agents is also influence by movements of hte mouse. The aim of the game is to identify the agent that is moving intentionally. Once you have identified whaty you think is the agent that is moving intentionally you can check to see if you are correct by pressing the space bar, which will cause the intentional agent to be filled in. You can press the space bar again to start a new trial with a new intentional agent. I think you will find that it is impossible to reliably identify the intentional agent by just looking atthe movements of all the agents and trying to find the one that seems to be moving intentionally. In order to relaibly identify the intentional agent you have to do the Test for the Controlled Variable (TCV), which is done by applying disturbances to all the agents using the mouse and looking for the agent that seems to be resisting the disturbances. I think you will find that it is pretty difficult, at first, to identify the intentional agent even using the TCV. But your performance should inmprove with practice. This is just a prototype of a more complete demonstration that can illustrate some of the factors that affect the ability to detect intention using the TCV; factors such as how well the intentional agent controls it's movement around he screen.